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C.C. Saint-Clair

C.C. Saint-Clair
By day, a teacher of Senior English and French in Brisbane, Australia and, by night, initially a writer of novels, now a writer of spiritual articles, I am on a quest of sorts I am searching for a connection to my soul, right here, right now. Admittedly, I have an ulterior motive quite a strong one at that: I am trying to edit some karma out of my energy field by altering its properties.

 Articles by this Author

Spirituality in Real -Time [Part 3]

Because we have eyes and because we are not physically blind, we delude ourselves in thinking that we really SEE anything, as eyes can only grasp vibrations. It is the brain that interprets those vibrations and creates the mental image which, in turn, leads us to the perception that what we see is real and tangible. The brain, then, activates us as efficiently as a switch flicked according to what ?it? thinks is an appropriate reaction.

Spirituality in Real -Time [Part 2]

Reality check: the urge to take pictures [like all other urges] is triggered by my soul to remind me to be a part of *that* moment, to understand that moment, to decipher the symbols it contains.

Spirituality in Real -Time [Part 1]

When the moment is karmically ripe, we become suddenly aware of the existence of certain things, of certain thoughts and of certain symbols. Some call that a ?ha-ha? or a eureka moment, but really, it is not as if these symbolic things have only just now popped up out of nowhere. They have been there, right under our nose, from the moment of our birth.

Why Separation Occurs

Separation occurs every time we think Me first or Mine first. Simple as that. Separation occurs every time we think that we are cuter, sexier, smarter, richer, gentler, more understanding more … more … more than the person in the queue in front of us. Separation occurs whenever we think we are more deserving than someone else. Separation occurs when we think that as long as we act for the benefit of our children, our family, our friends, we can push someone, anyone, out of the way to obtain whatever it is we are after.

What is Karma

We can only breathe in real time. Just as we cannot breathe under water, we cannot breathe in the past any more than we can breathe in the future. Truly, the present-moment is all we have and it is unlimited for the time we are on this earth.

What Do We See?

When we look around, we are able to identify people, objects, familiar surroundings and so on, because these items exist within our memory bank that contains all that we have learned and experienced as well as the habits we have accumulated and desires we harbor - all things that we know. Therefore, the world around us appears in our thoughts as it was. It is in this format that it has been saved and stored in our mind. Similarly, when we observe stars, what we do see is merely the reflected light as it had been - sent by them from the past - one light year ago, ten light years or maybe a million light years ago. Thus our senses limit our perception of the world through the past.

Short Lesson in Understanding [part 1]

When mere objects, locations and people gain religious significance, they also gain an added value ? that of holiness. Attachment to symbolic holiness leads to conflicts between individuals, wars of religions and war between nations. The real essence of life - the physicality, unity of everything ? is inseparable from the whole. No single aspect of it can be altered in any way. The value we attach to anything that has ever been created - from objects to selected individuals, dead or alive - is only purely arbitrary. Any conflict is the proof that we, humans, are attempting to separate what is whole and inseparable into parts, while it is the natural state of all - conceived as whole - to realign itself back into a preordained wholeness.

Destination: here, now!

Western philosophy and science trap the universe in the network of words, thoughts, equations and substitutes as well as an ongoing confusion of rules, laws, grammar and mathematics called *reasoning*. Sadly, we take in this network and make it rigid. We then use it as so many weapons against the ordered and logical spontaneity of nature. As a rule of thumb, I will say that even as we consider ourselves thoughtful and caring, we are, to greater or lesser degrees, a part of our culture?s worship of personal power and profit and therefore equally to greater or lesser degrees removed from our spirit?s energy, from our energy field and the karma that is currently ours to edit.

Would the Real Soul, Please, Stand!

This file is now the second one in a series of eight. Though each can stand-alone, I would love to know that you are reading each one in the order in which it is listed, as this sort of knowledge forms an ever- extending spiral. ? I am the current incarnation of my soul. ? My soul, like all souls, is energy. ? Cosmic spiritual energy is pure. It cannot become impure. ? When someone questions my integrity or when I get deeply startled, I know my hand flies to the center of my chest, not to my brain, not to the spot where I can feel my heart beat. So rather than think my soul radiates or floats above my head like a halo or a beacon, I accept that my soul-energy permeates the spot in the center of my chest. My soul, like all souls, is ancient. She has been incarnated many, many, many, many times over.

Searching for the Moment

?Another illusion is that we are awake. When we realize that we are asleep, we will see that all history is made by people who are asleep. Sleeping people fight, make laws; sleeping people obey or disobey them. The worst of our illusions are the wrong ideas among which we live and which govern our lives,? wrote P.D. Ouspensky. This article deals with the importance of being *awake* within the moment that defines all others ? the moment that is right under our feet.