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Gloria Lewis

Gloria Lewis
Gloria is a compassionate, empathic and dedicated Mother, coach and healer of many disciplines, assisting people seeking more happiness in their life, in all their relationships and seeking and reaching their potentials. Supporting others in gaining an inner peace, connecting In to find what they seek outside of themselves, she opens the gateways to allow pure loving energy to flow into the body, mind, heart and soul of all she touches. She knows The Power of The Mind is Unimagined, ... Yet.

 Articles by this Author

Many Hands Make Light-Work

Many people make for many different levels of thought and ... each with their own assignment and purpose to enroll others to their mission ... There is truly a new world order coming, but ... This new consciousness is in actuality the new world order ... and we would like ... to tell you how much we are indebted to you.

Humanity Has Such Great Potential

"The time is now to begin to look to who you are and to see where you can go from where you are now. ... you have so much more potential and so much more to give to the world, .... You are the way in which to create your own success through the actions that you take to ... Be brave. Let the light of your internal soul shine for the world around you to see. ..."