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Sujit Kumar Ghosh

Sujit Kumar Ghosh
Born in the year 1956, in India at Krishnagar (Near Mayapur (Birth placeof Chaitannya Mahaprabhu) Graduated from Calcutta University. Became disciple of Swami Brojananda Sarawati. My Guru Swami Brojananda Sarawati left his heavenly body in the year 1978 at that time I have no connection with him but respect him as my Mother"s Guru.In the year 1984 he has given his Diksha Mantra in my dream and which has been confirmed by Present Gurumaa Tapasi Rekha Sarawati and astonished to note how one could get similar mantra through Dream. After Diksha he has taught me several things in awakening stage travelled me different places and physically went to that place which was totally unknown to me. several poem which I have written under inspiration of my Guru on Self Realisation ,Gyan Bhakti and Prem bhakti etc. My Writing has been printed in Sudarsan which is a periodical of Kathia Baba Ashram.

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