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James Yoakum

James Yoakum
Jim Yoakum is an accomplished business leader with over 25 years of experience. However, his many life's experience are the foundation of his soul. Jim shares his soul and the experiences that have touched it through writings, poetry and talks. In his desire to learn and grow, Jim likes to share, educate and give back to others. His writing and talks are a result of those goals for interpersonal growth and for sharing with others.

 Articles by this Author

Courage, Strength and Love Bring Joy

My father was diagnosed with ALS, also called Lou Gehrig?s disease, in March of 2003. To manage my grieving, I started writing poetry. As time passed, the grieving through poetry, turned to joy as we began to celebrate his life, instead of grieving his pending death. This is one poem from a collection on his illness and joy for living despite knowing the end was always near.

Nurturing Techniques for Body, Mind and Soul

Thought leaders need to nurture body, mind and soul.  I believe we focus more on continual need for development of traditional skills, e.g., technical skills, soft skills, management skills, and fail to recognize the importance of body, mind and soul in leadership, especially Thought Leadership.  

A Spiritual Awakening and Thanks

A real life experience of dealing with illness and resulting death. God's presence is seen and manifested through others.