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asha oshun'mali

asha oshun'mali
Asha Oshun Mali is a writer, a social activist, a clairvoyant, an empath and a spiritualist. She has been writing all of her life and uses her writing to inspire, teach, and motivate others on the path of self growth and spiritual enlightenment.

 Articles by this Author

Reflections on Autumn and the Goddess Oya

An article about Autumn and the connection of this magical season to the Goddess Oya

Finding Oneness - Discover Your Path

How do you find your way back to your own path when the path you have chosen to walk is not your own? An article about the emptiness that exist when we are not living our true purpose and the joy that exist when we do.

Sacred Visualization - We are What we Visualize

How to use visualization to improve your life. We are what we visualize. That is what I have come to realize. Many of us have developed a pattern of negative thinking that has roots to our childhood past.