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Maxine Whitfield

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach, Adviser, Channeler, Expert Author Maxine has been on her own spiritual path since she was 7. She always questioned why was this happening, why did people act this way, who am I why am I here? In the 80's she became involved with astrology, meditation, and developed her psychic awareness. She has the gift of helping others with their concerns....she also connects with spirits and animals. She is a Star Child, the Messenger Spiritual Healer Reiki Practitioner

  Blogs by this Author

Heaven and Earth

Flowers and birds sing through the heavens Wishing us well wishing for eleven As there will be the biggest change manifesting in days You will awake so amazed But remember do not look ahead Just ...
The time is here, the time is now Open your eyes and you will see What it means to be you and me. Don't hesitate, don't fear because The time is near Soon you will see Soon you will hear ...

Change is in the Air

We come together this day on our journey through life. It is time to heed to the change. It is here, it is now. People all over America are feeling it. They just don't know what i...

Star Seeds

Star Seeds Have you ever felt alone??? Have you felt left out? Maybe that you don't belong, or "fit in.?" Then you might be a Star Child from the Star Nation...... It is time for us to g...

Centering In Truth

You might notice one of my ads posted on this site is Tarot.com. If you click on the link and fill in your information you can get free information for yourself...Knowing yourself is the key to chan...