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Ronald Kenny

I love you because you are a part of me ...... I know you because I am a part of you ........ I am writing because it is my role , I came here for it .... You are reading because it will help you to fulfill your role, you came here for it .........

 Articles by this Author

Our Mind The Movie Maker

The most spontaneous , well trained and creative movie maker is un-noticed by most of us ."Our Mind ". Our true identity has been superimposed by the formulated image given to us by this fascinating movie maker.............

From I-ness to Being-ness

We are the life , the energy , the stillness that dances in bliss each moment through this creation .......... we are here to love and express , but the perception of who we are has been ditorted by the illusion made apparent to us by the mind ........... it is time to look beyond it !!!!!!

Sense Who !

This entire creation is an act in consciousness. We are all part of the consciousness which is percieving through this body and brain , still we keep searching for it outside the realms of perception, unaware who is percieving !

Beware of the Gateway to Eternity

BEWARE , Be Aware of what is happening , observe Life closely you might discover the gateway to Eternity ! or just be carried away from one moment to another , one form to the next …………………………….

Seva- Selfless service

As a seeker SEVA is one action which weighs on the mind . A noble act of which we feel proud , a tool which will take us a step closer to our goal or just a divine act happenning through us because we chose to be mediums through which God may act. The definitions differ as per our understanding.....

Who Am I !

A self Enquiry of a seeker who is able to differentiate between two voices , one of the mind and the other of the No-mind.

A Life Directed By Our Own Ego

The story of a cloud , the most peacefull and gracefull to have floated in the skies...If we keep living a life directed by our own ego , our Identity is the center of whatever we think , feel and act. Every action accompanies to itself a tinge of feverishness,  fear and disbelief. Believe it or not happenings are beyond the control of the human ego .

Becoming GOD - An ocean of selfless love

The question to ponder upon is not what I will be ! but it is What I Am !. Worry is only the absence of faith . Faith in our true identity.  Just try to be like God, may be you will find that there is no need to become what we already are !