Western astrology, the offspring of Babylonian astrology, has a lot of similarities to Vedic astrology but there are technical differences in how the chart is constructed and some major differences in interpretative techniques. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac and Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. There's a lot of debate on which is the correct zodiac. Vedic astrology offers a much more profound insight into our destiny and psyche. It has superior predictive techniques. It is very vast in its technical applications compared to Western astrology which is much simpler . I would say that all the astrological systems in use today stem from one original astrology. It's just that the preservation of this original astrology has gotten dispersed through the successive civilizations, and corrupted or completely altered over the course of time. The written documents on the Vedic system are the most well preserved and intact of all ancient cultures, and have been for thousands of years. With other cultures such as the Tibetan, Chinese, Mayan, Bablyonian, Egyptian, only fragments remain , but we can still see the common thread between systems, that they must have all stemmed from the same source.