There are various time cycles operating which effect humanity, some are longer, some are shorter. December 2012 is notable because the winter solstice will be harmonizing with the galactic center at that time, which falls in 6 degrees of Sagittarius in a zodiacal constellation known as Mula. The Sun will be at 6 degrees Sagittarius on the 21st December 2012. Mula is a constellation ruled by Kali and Kali is the goddess of death and transformation, so there is a major ending of some kind on that date. Mula is also connected to a god called Ganesha who rules new beginnings, so it is also heralds a new beginning. It means that the galactic center can affect humanity, and the Sun traditionally rules the soul, it is our link to the godforce. The Mayans were recording the end of a long precessional cycle of 25, 800 years and ended the cycle on December 2012. There are a lot of predictions about calamities and upheavals preceding that time, which is already happening, but I think the ending of the precessional cycle marks a subtle inner transformation, a doorway to a heightened consciousness in those who are seeking that.

Some say it is the real beginning of the Age of Aquarius, because we have been in the Age of Pisces for the last 2000 years. The Age of Pisces was about faith and the Age of Aquarius is about knowing. So we no longer require faith to connect to the divine, we will know we are connected because of the progress in sciences. It is a good time for a renaissance in Astrology and Vedic sciences in general. Saturn and Mars are exalted on December 2012 which brings in a more pragmatic and realist way of thinking.

But there are longer cycles which are dominating humanity such as Kali Yuga. According to Vedic texts, we are still going to be running Kali Yuga for several thousand years. It is the age of spiritual decline, so things have not gotten as bad as they can get. But December 2012 should initiate a window for improvements in the minds of some of the people, which do have a positive effect on the planet for a brief period. We could see it as a miniature golden age, but the general mass of population would still be unaffected.

For those who are sincere on their spiritual path now is an opportunity to move forward and strengthen their spiritual resolve. Kali Yuga is an age of compassion in many ways. It is easier and faster to achieve enlightenment during this age then at any other time.