"When a problem confronts you, take it into the silence of your consciousness. Instead of thinking of the problem, think of the answer. God does not have problems; therefore, the Divine Mind is the answer to every human problem."

- Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You

How many times do you allow your mind to ruminate on a problem, over and over, wearing down negative grooves along your brain's neural pathways? Does it help your situation? Probably not. Let go of that worry habit that only wears you down and does nothing to eliminate your pain.

Instead, look to the problem as an interesting challenge. Know that the Divine guides you with answers. Those answers come when you are quiet.

Lately, I've been thinking about creating a new profit center. As an entreprenuer, I know the value of having several different profit centers bringing in steady income. Many people would say, "Oh I can't think of ways to bring in money," or "it will take too much time to develop something new," or "I have nothing of value to offer." I've heard them all.

AND, I don't believe any of those things! I know that the Divine is expressing through me and so the idea of discovering new profit centers that benefit others while bringing me prosperity, feels creative and exciting.

Several mornings over the last two weeks, the first awakening thought I've had is a great idea about a person I should contact or a step I could take towards creating new business. These ideas are coming to me from that formless substance, we can call God, that creates all things.

Imagine! The principle of electricity has always existed. But it took one person's awakening to it and the figuring out how to harness it and now we have light and heat in our homes all hours of the day.

What problem can you put into silence today, releasing it to the Divine to show you the way? What new endeavor is waiting to be expressed through you? When you get your creative ideas, act on them one step at time.

Your way will be made straight and clear.

Practice: Make time to be quiet each day this week. Start with 5 minutes if that's all you can manage. Work your way up to longer periods. You can't be in touch with the "real you", your essential self, if you don't have some time to just be. This is the space where creative ideas come up. Have a problem or situation you'd like to change? Before you go to sleep each night, release it to God and ask for answers. Be aware of your first thought in the morning. Here may lie your answers!