I am asking for help from the spiritual community to help protect the innocent.
They are killing my people in Iran. The DARK DARK regime, in order to keep their status. All the citizens want is the right to breath freely! The government tugs are arresting, torturing and killing innocent people.
I am but one small part of this universe. I have been trying to send my energy to protect them. I'll continue doing that. But I need help. PLEASE.
Tonight is the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Powerful time. It is happening between 23:58:18 July 21st and 02:35:21 July 22nd. (UTC) Time in the Pacifics.
Aproximately between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm Central Time.
I am asking for global solidarity. Let's send our prayers and good energy across the planet to protect humanity. PLEASE. The other governments are not helping them. It is up to people. ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET. Power to the People. Please help potect them. Send your good wishes. Remember you have the power.