"Never limit you view of life by any past experience.  The possibility of life is inherent within the capacity to imagine what life is, backed by the power to produce this imagery, or Divine Imagination...it is simply a question of sticking to an idea until it becomes a tangible reality."    Ernest Holmes SOM Textboook

When I first began studying Science of Mind principles, I was very excited to learn that my past had no precedent.  In other words, it doesn't matter if you had a rotten childhood, made dumb choices and find yourself in some kind of mess...you can absolutely still create a great NOW and future.

You start where you are.  You look to the present not the past.  What is in your life NOW?  What parts are good?  Be grateful for those things, no matter how small they may seem.  The feeling of gratitude melts fear and expands your abilty to be grateful for more.

Your thoughts today will create tomorrow.  I went from heartbreak over the end of a 20 year relationship to a loving wonderful marriage.  I could have dwelled on all the things that went wrong in the previous relationship and kept my focus there...but what would that get me? 

For a time, I lived in a location where I really didn't want to be...for several months of the year it was just too hot for my liking...but it was practical for many reasons.  

I didn't dwell on what was wrong...instead I turned the interior of my home into a beach cottage (though I was an hour from the beach), gave thanks for my home and also kept my thoughts on the time I would live at the beach...and here I am - in a beach community -the exact one my heart knew was right for me.

Spiritual Practice

Observe your thoughts.   Are they mainly focused in the past, present or future?

Gently, over and over, bring them in the present...it is your present thoughts that create your future.   Know NOW that your good is already here...you don't have to know HOW yet.  An idea of what you want plus faith that you have it already plus inspired action equals your wonderful life!