What we have did till yesterday that can't  be changed.We have to face the  consequences.We have just  sixteen hour every day to spend. Most of our time we waste on recalling the bad experiences of past which we never like to be happen again and spent time in fear on uncertainties in future on which we have no control over certain factor .Fact is whatever we did in past that is the cause of our present worries,anxieties which gives us stressful life. Now make it a point we have to live for day only because there is no certainty whether we could see the tomorrow so today after raising from bed we have to take an action plan for the day which will be surely for benefit of society as well as myself with 100% spirit ,ability & dedication .If there be any dispute that must be sorted out forthwith & must not carry forward as far as possible because my span of life is limited in hours. Practice this for 7 days and share your experience with me