“A smile improves your face value, the inner smile improves your ‘self’ value!


By ‘inner smile,’ I mean the inner joy radiating from within like a charming joyful innocent child lighting up a dull environment. Your inner smile will light up those hearts, which have forgotten who they are. You are joy personified, love personified, peace personified. To smile is your inherent nature. For you not to smile, is unnatural. For how can joy not express joy? Remember that. Inner smile – beautiful, joyful, playful, cute, innocent, ever alive to light up the place, wherever you meet, whoever you meet, whenever you meet. Keep that inner smile alive, like an immortal lamp. The inner smile will manifest as a radiant joyful face, like a magnet pulling people towards self. Share this inner smile, distribute it freely and abundantly, yes like that, smile!


Cry when you have to. But maintain that inner smile. For sorrow, and happiness, the duality touches only the outer layers; the core has never changed and cannot be changed. The core is blissful, joyful, peaceful forever. No event, at any moment of time can loot the inner smile from you, if you are fixed to the core, if you know in the heart of your heart who you are. Simple love. Simply peace. Silence. So first ‘try’ to be conscious of the ‘inner smile.’ You can not smile and pass it to the core as ‘inner smile.’ The inner smile is constant – eternal. You can be conscious of it and it will manifest as the outer smile on your face, literally on your whole body, for all the cells will remember their true healthful, joyful nature. Then it will be like your entire body is smiling!


And you can’t stop. Those who come closer will smile, naturally, from within. For the inner smile is contagious!


How many problems can be solved with just a simple Divine smile? The emotional roller coaster can be brought to a halt with the Divine break of the inner smile! Try it. It is very effective. Wars could be saved by soldiers smiling at each other! Do you know the language of smile? It’s the language of love, peace and bliss.


Nature smiles at you, do you see? Beautiful morning...the mild Sun rises up from the East, birds chirping rhythmic music, colorful flowers blooming, dew drops shining on the grass, coolness of the gentle breeze. It’s my inner smile manifested in the environment around you! It’s constant but you notice it only when you are in sync with it!


If you are joyful, the world will look like a wonderful place to exist, experience, express and evolve. A gentle reminder of the value of a simple ‘free’ smile to you. Spread it. Let it fly to distant places. Bring joy to this world. Bring peace to this world. Be joyful, be peaceful. Be the smile you wish to see all around you.


The joy of food and drink, the joy of singing and dancing, the joy of Being – that joy is Life. Be joyful and not sorrowful. Sorrow knows no truth. Joy is the result of truth. Sorrow is the outcome of illusions. Just as love is the result of truth, fear is the outcome of illusion. The mask of the ego hides the true Self beneath and robs you of the truth. Have no mask. Have no fear or sorrow.


Be open, be free, be joyful, be truthful and let love blossom to its fullest expression of compassion for life, compassion for all beings, compassion for All That Is.”

-The Mysterious One

(C) Amitt Parikh
Excerpt from Conversations with The Mysterious One - Volume One: Practical Wisdom For Everyday Evolutionary Living