Dont try,because trying is an aquired skill.i know you can do better.
Before i begin ,let me say i might resemble my master..The only person closest to enlightenment.I will not mention him.. coz this is not about symbolism.. And i derived , through thease years , that life has no meaning.Its a wet clay. & you are there..allowed to play with it..& u have 2 guides ..1. the innate,the heart,actually the soul & 2. your brain... your brain is an aquired identity..its given to you for your survival..and it has very less to do with what you really are. Now maybe you understand your guilt feelings , your boredom ,your envey & what they really are. They r just the aquired identities. your mind makes you feel guilty, if you listen to your heart, if you are static. coz its a computer..It gets disturbed as you start to get static.. it says" hey , he is not running with the does not go down well with me coz i am to make him make him fittest..let me show him guilt.let me punish him" so when ever you feel to do a thing next time , try reduculating your brain.. you shall win over it ..just by this knowledge..and some practice ..and you shall know what you want(really).If you like this article , just spread the knowledge and love.would write more ellaborately soon. Love to ALL.