Hi, this is my very first blog in this new place.  I was up til 6AM last night looking up meditation for beginners, so if anyone can leave any helpful comments, PLEASE do so.  :) 

I'm a pisces, was born on Feb. 24th, 1988 in Indianapolis, IN.  I've been in Indiana all my life.  I feel like I have not been living just worrying day to day about silly things I should not even worry about.  I stumbled across an article today on the web...

Question: What makes us fear death?

J. Krishnamurti’s Reply:
Do you think a leaf that falls to the ground is afraid of death?  Do you think a bird lives in fear of dying?  It meets death when death comes; but it is not concerned about death, it is much too occupied with living, with catching insects, building a nest, singing a song, flying for the very joy of flying.  Have you ever watched birds soaring high up in the air without a bear of their wings, being carried along by the wind?  How endlessly they seem to enjoy themselves!  They are not concerned about death.  If death comes, it is all right, they are finished.  There is no concern about what is going to happen; they are living from moment to moment, are they not?  It is we human beings who are always concerned about death - because we are not living.  That is the trouble; we are dying, we are not living.  The old people are near the grave, and the young ones are not far behind.

 I'm going to add a link the the site I saw that on when I figure out how.  I'll be writing more later today and checking to see if anyone has any meditation and spiritual techniques they can share with me.  Or how this site works.

Thanks for reading my very first blog