Traveling around the world, I have seen the plight that many of our people are experiencing. Genocide, ethnic cleansing and blood feuds are rampant in Africa and the Middle East, as proved by an independent essay I have read and further substantiated by satellite "x-rays" of subterranean burial grounds. Also, the conflicts and wars on terrorism is still raging and we can't seem to see the end of it any time soon. Blood diamonds are still in demand, children are bought and sold like cattle by rampaging pedophiles and lives are lost in an exponential manner. People are suffering because we let hate rule our hearts and that should change soon before everything is too late.

But dwelling within different cultures have given me hope. I spent weeks with monks in a sacred sanctuary in the Northern mountains of China and I can see that their peaceful outlook about life and beyond can be really infectious. I hope that we could all be as gentle and as meek as the monks who live a life of spiritual serenity without conflicts, bloodshed and strife. They do not have any selfish ambitions and excessive wants except the bare essentials in life like food, shelter and clothing. They do not fret over depleting oil reserves, the color of each people's skin and the religious background of their guests. I admire how they readily trust people and I envy how they truly radiate love, peace and contentment. I wish I have the same disposition in life and I really hope that we all will someday.

With my eyes wide open, I hope to imbibe and share the spiritual blessings I got from my new-found friends. And so when I am not studying for exams, writing custom essays and other requirements for school, I help our local church and pastor in spreading messages of love and peace to the youth who are caught up in gang violence and harmful elements of the street. We will start with the 'hoods first and then, hopefully, we could expand and help end conflicts between armies all over the world. World peace can be achieved if we work together sincerely, hand in hand and armed love and compassion.