They say that every great journey starts with a single step - well this is my first step. For many years I have been nudged along (by spirit) towards a path which I have tried to resist. It has been made clear to me that I have something to say, which many people will need to hear. This led to me publishing a book in 2009, which much to my surprise, has been very well received and has resulted in a flood of letters and e-mails from enthusiastic readers.When I said previously that this is a first step on my journey; it probably would be more correct to say that it was my first step into cyberspace.

I've been immersed in the realms of spirituality, in one way or another since I was a young child. My earliest memories have involved interaction with spirits and  throughout  my life I have learned to develop my connection with what I like to call Gentle Wisdom. That is the soul knowledge, which will always guide us in the right direction, if only we paid attention.

Some of you will be aware of this already - it's the little voice inside your head, which gives an immediate response to any set of circumstances in your life. It's your gut reaction and in too many cases, the first thing we do is over-rule it. What a loss that is! The good news is that we can train ourselves to pay attention to this treasure chest of information.I know this is true because I've already done so myself.

So, for me spiritual assistance is a little like the air I breathe - I don't have to see it, to know that it's there. I just ask for it and there it is.

When I submitted to the idea that I have to share my experiences with people, I wasn't entirely sure what the ultimate form of that concept might be and honestly, I still don't know. However that's what makes life worth living; the adventures, the sharing, the meeting of minds and souls.

More soon.