?Step forth into the presence of yourself.

Leave behind everything and with an enthusiastic heartfelt jump into the unknown presence of yourself, realise the beauty of each fully alive moment.

Let go of all that seems comforting as it is not as comforting as you think.

Nourish yourself with the real gift of presence that brings forth the invisible realms of endless possibilities.

This deep trust opens the sense of presence to true nourishment of the heart.?

Tony Samara ? March 2009

Many people have asked me what does having a spiritual master mean. Does it mean we have to change our belief systems? Change our lifestyle? Follow an esoteric or different path?

The above quote explains it all.

To follow one's presence is to be true to your depth and hence understand the depth that goes beyond words and unites us all.

During these times is when this union and understanding is more important than ever and hence the appearance of profoundness.

One active meditation that can be practised and that I highly recommend is to look at our usage of private cars as part of our trust in letting go of old comforts.

The use of cars is such an addiction and so much a part of the fast pace connected to other material addictions, that separate our heartfelt connections from each other, that we don't even realise that we are addicted to such modern conveniences.

I ask you all to consider taking public transport. Even if it takes a little bit longer to get from place to place, you may be surprised at the moments you discover along the way.

It is not the destination rather the journey that helps us understand that every action is part of the mystery of life.

The mystery of life is waiting to be discovered by you.