There is no obstacle for peace as all human beings are naturally peaceful.

For human beings to realise this essential aspect of their nature the mindful practise of peaceful compassion and love is good to include in all the wonderful situations that challenge our best and most beautiful actions.

These beautiful actions are to see that the oneness that unites humanity is present even though at times this seems very far from the reality that we see on the media or actually experience in our daily lives.

If we focus on this duality of good and bad conflict remains part of our consciousness and hence part of our reality.

If we ignore reality then we escape from the fundamental challenge that every human being has a responsibility to put into action and this is to see beyond the dualism, beyond good and bad, to move deeper to the place where we can touch the more real aspects of every person that we meet of every situation that we are in and to be an example that inspires real change and real peace.

Peace begins with the little steps that we take and expands when we inspire everyone else we know to take those same little steps.