'Shaman's Wisdom' by Tony Samara

"In 'SHAMAN'S WISDOM' Tony Samara describes his path, which brought him to discover the traditions of Huachuma shamanism. The shaman's world is one of harmony and oneness and it is based on the clear laws of nature in the material and energetic dimensions.

Tony Samara, born in 1965 of diverse cultural backgrounds, has been chosen to tell us about this world and its possibilities for deep healing.

'SHAMAN'S WISDOM' contains previously unpublished wisdom as practiced by a group of people whose history goes back 5,000 years. This philosophy encompasses all aspects of life from child rearing, relationships, physical/emotional well-being and how this can be a wonderful tool to understand the rhythms of nature and feel the oneness of all and then understanding how we are part of a greater creation than just ourselves.

In practice and philosophically 'SHAMAN'S WISDOM' clarifies the questions about the mysteries that have been asked throughout the ages in a simple yet profound way that engages the reader to the betterment of the self thus helping the betterment of humanity.

? Practical energy exercises are provided to help the body to adjust physically, emotionally and spiritually to the cycles of nature.

? Discover a diet that reinforce the necessary qualities for optimum growth and harmonious levels of consciousness

? Gather an understanding that freedom is based on fitting into a Cosmos where all is One and where the One carries an expression of all. "

Thank you for your consideration.

Tony Samara