When I was writing The Whispering Soul, I became more aware of the importance of being able to tune in to the Gentle Wisdom of our Soul Knowledge.

Once we begin to hear the whispering of our soul, we will notice certain changes taking place, both within us and around us. These will be spiritual, emotional, physical and mental; as you and your family and friends learn to adjust to the implications of your spiritual growth. As your spiritual awareness grows, those around you will gradually become aware there are changes taking place in the landscape of their relationship with you and not everyone will react in a supportive, or positive way. Most people like to avoid change to the “status quo” and so, will resist the perceived threat, by ”trying to talk some sense into you”, or by undermining your desire for change in more subtle ways.

This is where you need to develop an invaluable skill – “believing in yourself”.

If you are sincere on your spiritual path, you will move forward, even if you do it with uncertainty and some fear at first. As you learn to open yourself up to the wisdom of your own soul, you will find that the guidance you need, comes from a place of inner stillness, rather than from a logical calculation, of how best to proceed.

Remember, you are in new territory now and there is no map!

We don’t have to see oxygen to know that it is there. We simply accept that it is and carry on breathing. In much the same way; we don’t have to know where our Spiritual Guidance comes from, in order to take advantage of the wisdom that it can offer us. We just have to believe that we can develop the awareness needed to tune in to it.

In order to initiate Spiritual Awareness, you need to tell your subconscious that you intend to be Spiritually Aware. This can be done by gentle repetitive suggestion. Once you are open to Spiritual Guidance; you should begin to expect it. By doing so, you will tune your attention to a particular band of spiritual vibration, often referred to as the “Higher Self”.

Imagine your body as a radio receiver designed to pick up and relay spiritual vibrations; in much the same way as a radio picks up and relays sound vibrations. The dial that tunes you into the spiritual guidance band, is your attention.

When you tune your attention into the realm of Spiritual activity, you can expect to receive this relay. By being open to it, you turn your field of Spiritual Awareness “on” to spiritual energy and gradually, it will begin to flow.


More soon