The laws of karma are the stringent policies in which this material creation is conducted under. For every reaction there is equal corresponding reaction. All the physical and mental pleasures, all the physical and mental pains that we endure during our lives, we should understand that it is no one else's fault but our own. We can blame so many people, so many circumstances are only the friendly deliverers of what we have ordered either in the previous birth or earlier in this life. Just like if you order something and you pay money for something and then it comes and you don't like it, whose fault is it? It is your fault. With every act, with every word in our life, we are placing an order and we say, "God why are you doing this to me?" But the question is why are we doing this to ourselves? For a devotee of the Lord who understands this truth, pleasures and pains of this world are both undesirable. What everyone is striving to achieve material and mental pleasure to a devotee it is very undesirable. For more spiritual insights Visit!