Anyway since the propaganda that is infiltrating the minds and hearts of the youth and through the watching of television and through hearing western music and especially just the whole promise of material prosperity according to western concept, the youth of India are considering that India's culture which is so wholly and deeply rooted in spiritual principles is counter productive,it is a burden and it is disturbance towards the real part of life, which is economic development and sense gratification. In fact, our Guru Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada was preaching the message of Gita,Sanatana Dharma, for many years in India and especially he was trying to reach the youth because he knew that the future of India is in the hands of the youth. If we can't imbibe our culture, our beliefs and practical applications of them in the hearts of our children then morality,spirituality and all ethics will be utterly destroyed in due course of time.For more spiritual experience of people with Radhanath Swami, Visit ItSoHappened