Most people are afraid to take to Krishna Consciousness in their youth because they are afraid that this process will curb their freedom and regulate their life.They want to live a free life of fun and enjoyment of senses.The freedom of a conditioned soul is compared to the freedom of football. What is football free for? Free to be kicked. Similarly, the so called freedom of a conditioned soul only has him kicked like a football by maya,the material energy.
The rules and regulations which one follows on the path of Krishna Consciousness are like the string of a kite. The string of kite appears to be limiting the movement of the kite. Actually, it is because of the string that the kite is flying in a certain direction. If the string is cut, the kite will simply fall down. Similarly the rules and regulations, which one is expected to follow in this human form of life, are like the kite's string that helps us fly higher and higher, towards the spiritual sky. Otherwise, without these rules and regulations and discipline, one will simply fall down and be miserable.Therefore to impose rules and regulations on oneself, to be disciplined and self controlled, to have a direction in our life is very important. For similar thought provoking articles Visit Radhanath