Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's reply:-

God has created so many creatures – reptiles, birds, mammals and insects and so forth . There is so much diversity in His creation, while we human beings can create only other human beings. Creation is not in our hands. Even if we can create something, we can’t change its very nature itself.

There are seven subtler worlds above the earth as well as seven netherworlds. The earth is like the PH value 7. It is neutral, where the souls born come only to experience their karma. There are good people who take birth to help others, as well as bad ones - who destroy others. That is why both Jesus Christ and Hitler were born, each as to fulfil his own karmic destiny. So, none of us have the moral right to gauge and judge another. As is his karma, so will be his thoughts, speech and actions.

If we take an example of pickpocket, he sees every person as a potential customer. His sole intention wherever he goes is to find ways of putting his hands into others’ pockets without being noticed. Ordinary people don’t look at the public like this, while a saint’s views everyone as souls. Each one’s perception is coloured by his karma. God says – “You have no right to judge others. I have sent them to fulfil their karmic obligations. If they come to harm you, you are permitted to protect yourself. Otherwise, you must not interfere.”

If we get into the habit of criticising others, we waste plenty of useful time in talking about them. What they do in their lives is none of our business. However, there is one solution to all the problems in the world - prayer. Pray for them.

God created a yard stick so that we could measure our own internal evolution. One end consists of Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Lord Krishna and Prophet Mohammed – who worked all their lives to uplift people - while dictators who terrorised millions, like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, comprise the other end. Using this, we must analyse the level of our progress on the spiritual path, rather than condemn those who – according to our judgement – are below us. God created both good and evil for us to learn to stay away from evil and follow the good.

The more we engage in judging and gauging people, the more we will be caught in their karma. Whatever we think about, we attract. If we think negatively, negativity surrounds us. There is a saying which states that if we feel depressed, we must go and shake hands with the most successful people in the world because their vibrations will be transferred to us. In spiritual terms, God is always waiting to shake our hands. In fact, He is waiting to hold our hands and guide us on the path to Light. So, the more we tune into Him, the more Divinity we see in the people around us.