Spiritual Gurus, modern age gurus… some names strike the mind – Osho, Vivekananda, Deepak Chopra Bernie Siegel and Marianne Williamson , and ‘God’ knows, how many others, like the shining stars, are promising to lighten up our lives.
Check out any book store and see everywhere the piles of self-help books would have many heads buried in them, and selling like hot cakes. Its true that world is full of worried souls living in a world of tremendous contradictions, capitalism and haves and have nots. And we need the spiritual gurus with their words of wisdom, laced with comforting love and solace to define our life better. ‘’
Why people flocking to Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji… his action oriented and solution oriented scientific path of self realization infuses people with enormous exhilaration, making every -moment of life  a sacred prayer to God…No more blind following of antiquated myths and religious credos for modern man, rather what inspires them-  logical sensibilities to integrate their lives. Swamiji’s mission is to unleash abundant happiness in the sickening world and nurture the human body. Called Sci-Divine, the science of divine life , a Swamiji’s initiation, is based on home works on self improvements, honing in on self worth, packed with various action plans to kick start self realization. ," It’s not about looking at the past and pains and quick fix but about finding your true self and reassessing lives. It’s like building a synergy between science and spirituality. Yeah… it’s making a radical change. But how? By making the most of unutilized 85 percent brain power. Very innovative Maha Medha Kriya! Takes brain intelligence beyond limits. Then, Sanjeevani Kriya… a divine bequest to Swamiji in a state of spiritual ecstasy, it takes you in a state of ‘being with you’. Based on meditation, this 35 min Kriya makes you feel living your life to the fullest. Let’s lighten up our lives!!!


Science and spirituality – a dialogue between Dalai lama and scientists in a conference, Dalai Lama said, “Why spirituality is getting interested in science because science can remind spirituality openness and empiricism, though spirituality quest is also rooted in the same quest of truth that fires science but often finds mired in blind faiths and belifs hence a need for a balance..”  




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