I could not take the bus today. I did not do my homework. Consequently, I was punished. I was punished to walk three stops.

The day so beautiful and I that did not go for any walk for two years, got to walk for 20 minutes.

Do not get me wrong. I am known to walk and sing for 10 hours. It is 5 hours to walk to my doctor appointment and 5 hours to return.

I am so sentimental because I pushed the wagon over the hill.

I am.

My adrenaline is so fast that I become static.

Got to.

I believe.

So I dream a new song and try so hard not to follow that foot step of my master.

I wear my clown shoes and walk so happily home that I chose convenience for my shopping.

I found some good bargains, Spanish onions and a whole four of them for a buck.

I figured it will go well in any onion dish, but my potatoes stayed at the store, may be tomorrow.

I dream so good and yet, I figured that reality is not the truth but the truth is.

So I looked for cream of wheat because for all I remember I cannot eat because of crime, multiple crime.

I looked at the box and what it listed as ingredients, puked a little and looked at the price.


Figure out what came next out of my mouth.

I cleaned up and paid for my Spanish onion

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