Before the next wave will take me deep into the sees, I want to thank you my heavenly father and mother. I did not think that I will make it so far. I crossed the sees but really, you have saved me. I fought hard and you rescued me. What I know is that to live for you means to live without fear. Love is courageous. I am willing to die for you if that is what is in the future for me but I am also willing to live for you. I only ask for forgiveness for those moments of helplessness when I am not. I know that all I can do is ask and therefore I continue to ask for your love. I spent this moment thanking you for that glimpse of a thought that may be good will win this time. I dream so big, I dream that love has won the game of truth and finally the force for the kill had been annihalated. Thank you for making my words valuable rather then a chatter of desire.