I am so mad my heart is breaking.
I bought a yellow plum. I tried to eat it. It was cruncy, dark in the middle and tastless.
I waited a week. The plum turned red.
I tasted it.
It was cruchy and juicier.
I was thinking that that plum is actially darker but was taken of the tree green.
I spitted it out, it is a rotting plum.
Bad food is produced in canada. Bad food..
I refuse to eat fruits lately.
I do not want to loose faith in canadian food but it is too late.
The food here is poison that causes cancer.
I will destroy canada in my books, I will do so with a smile...
Meanwhile, eat organic. Eat less as a matter of fact eat half of what you normally eat but, eat better.
God has mercy on the way I feel now, god has mercy.