It never ceases to amaze me, the power of god light and it also encourages me to think that it is most ingenious.

The light that spins with the universe.

I am so excited, my first book is available for sale in a KINDLE edition.


There are no words to describe the excitation, the commitment to success and the incredible vastness.

The power of good is great enough to yield me a miracle.

I am fighting for my life, my parents lives, for truth and love and mainly for god who I credit my life span too.

It is most challenging to put my heart on line for others to see yet there is no other way to reach out and tell.

I see all my worries vanish into the stream of the white light that is passing through me.

I let myself be that that I am in prayers and songs.

I keep on thinking about thee and I keep on going into the light.

I for myself do nothing and the doing is done.

Forever after I hold your name in sacred matrimony and forever is the brilliance of creation the light of love.

God is so great, no wonder Einstein believed.

A book I wrote out of no choice, a book that uncovers one of the allusions that humans created as a result of bathing in GOLD brilliance.

I am hoping to reach every country and any human that has teeth and uses them to consume food.

Fear and hate are all false emotions that the light of GOLD created when brilliant.

My first book was the most challenging book to write as I am trying to overcome my disability of read and write, but more so is the subject.

It is so alarming what I had found that I call society, the dental schools and associations, governments and citizens into a truth confrontation.

What causes what.

I live to tell and I tell as I promised.

I wrote a book out of a drive to get well and receive the correct treatment that will free me out of disability and terrible pain on all levels.

I made it through because of my go(o)d.

How can I thank thee and there is nothing to do for the truth is and cannot be duplicated.

No moment repeats itself same as before, everything is ever changing under the structure of infinite intelligent love.