"Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious."
                                                                        Carl Gustav Jung                             
    Enlightenment is not just a magical mystic journey, it is the purest and most succesful way of understanding the true self, the universe, and the cause of all causes. Especially in this time of transformation, many people are going through spiritual awakenings, and many more are going to be enlightened. Our mission is to be an ingredient in this global enlightenment soup, so those who taste this soup, do get a tasteful experience out of this sacred journey. Thus, Wikilightenment will cover topics about enlightenment, 2012 awakening, divine mysticism, meditation techniques for achieving samadhi (the so called "Nirvana"), and much more.
    The enlightenment secrets we will start to share on this website, is coming from the most ancient disciplic guru succession, and this sacred science will be shared accordingly, without making any kind of editing. I will only share my opinions about such literature, because I know I don't have the qualification to be a pure master. This science I will share, can also be called "Science of God Consciousness", and it is accepted by every single spiritual master that has born and lived.
    We want to cover all these subjects about enlightenment, so you can live to the fullest, activating your full potential DNA strand. If you make a research about what I'm talking about here, you are going to find out amazing stuff, and you will be surprised about not knowing about these secrets. For example, enlightened spiritual masters and mystics who have achieved the pure divine consciousness, have a 3 helix 12 strand DNA Activation, instead of a regular 2 helix DNA.
    Another interesting thing is the "Coiling DNA Serpent". It symbolizes Enlightenment in every single ancient society. It is used in the medical organizations mostly. Why? Because enlightenment is the only way to get a true healing by achieving a consciousness state full of bliss, joy and happiness. We will explain how to attain this divine enlightenment which is full of ecstatical Love of God.
    There is much more secret information that I can not share right away, because your consciousness must be awakened and be ready for enlightenment, so I'm gonna take things slow. I know that some information you see in this website might be too much for a beginner esoteric knowledge seeker, but once you start to connect the dots, since this world is like a puzzle, then you will have a chance to know thyself, universe, and the cause of all causes.

The Secrets Blogger