Dear Friends, We believe 2011 is going to be an incredible year which will reveal the truth in a much more direct way. Tony is working hard to be available to everyone in their own countries and now we have the opportunity to introduce Tony even more to the world by having him in the Oprah Show being interviewed by Oprah herself! This amazing opportunity will create the space for Tony to touch even more people with his incredible... practical spiritual work. This reality is only possible with YOUR HELP NOW by submitting your request to the Oprah Show team so that they can consider Tony as one of her guests in this last season of her show (which finishes in May) to make way for her new Cable channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network. What a breakthrough for Tony and for Oprah as well as we know she would love to learn from Tony all of his teachings and take his work naturally to the next level. Here?s the thing: Oprah is currently asking her viewers who they would like to see interviewed on her final season. We would like to ask you all to suggest Tony as a guest. All you have to do is fill out this form: Please feel free to be creative and share your experiences with Tony, and tell the producers why you think he would be the perfect guest. And if you know of anyone else who has been touched by Tony, in one of his events, retreats, through his books or videos, please send the link on and ask them to help! The more suggestions they receive, the greater chance we have of getting their attention. Please find an example below of what your submission could be. If you would like to help us with this, please let us know so we can keep track of the submissions. Thanks in advance for your support, and we wish you all a 2011 full of love and expansion! Thank you for your consideration. The Tony Samara Team *** Dear Oprah, Thank you very much for the opportunity for having my favorite guest on your show, how exciting! I would love to see the author and spiritual teacher Tony Samara ( on your show. He is an amazing man who is working with thousands of people around the world for the last two decades and creating events and retreats in many countries with one focus only: The Evolution of Human Consciousness. I believe that Tony will naturally catch the attention of your producers due to his uniquely simple and practical message which touches people?s hearts in a direct way, in a magical way which can only be experienced rather than explained by words. This is where the spiritual work goes beyond words or concepts and can really create the transformations that we are all eagerly seeking in today?s world. Thank you for your time and I wait enthusiastically to see Tony in the Oprah Show, how amazing! Meanwhile I?d like to leave you to enjoy a wonderful video clip created by the Samara Foundation Team as the theme for 2011 - The Year of Enlightenment : ) Wishing you a 2011 full of love and expansion!