The ZenGarden is a Holistic Soulcial Fellowship Lounge. Our purpose is to provide a transcending peaceful serene atmosphere for our staff, patrons, and the community at large where each day's experience brings them closer to their higher self.
 To accomplish this, the ZenGarden embraces the universal concepts of life that hold true for all people. We believe that each individual inherently has all he or she needs to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.
 At the ZenGarden, we will be a committed group of visionary individuals who will strive each day to live the philosophy we espouse and seek to provide opportunities for others as well as ourselves, to live our highest ideals.

By providing the environment and atmosphere, injunction with a sound holistic program model that encompasses the most universal concepts of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and allows patrons to experience that concept of well-being.

To provide an environment where patrons are free to express their true potential and create and fulfill their own dreams.

To help each soul eliminate myths, fears, correct misunderstandings and replace erroneous interpretations whether the issues are health or nutritionally based, or more profoundly emotional, psychological or spiritual in nature.

The ZenGarden will use all available resources in a cost-effective and community responsive manner.

By providing excellent quality services in a vibrantly progressive, and innovative unique environment, we seek to help our patrons live to their highest potential.

Working with our staff, members, and other professionals, we will continue to explore new programs and opportunities in response to the needs of our souls, and our community.