A friend recently observed, “We like to tell God we want more. Are we ready for what he would show us?” This comment got us off and running because we realized we'd made a practice of asking the question, but only in retrospect did we realize that we really hadn’t wanted the answer Ultimate Reality wanted to give us. If you’ve read our bio, you know that it took us to the point of nearly committing suicide to realize we had been “asking out of knowledge. “

For most of our lives, we had filled our mind with information we had gathered from second-hand sources. Certainly information can wake us up to new ideas, but we had made information an end in itself. When we approached a new subject, our brains were already full of information and answers we believed in. But when we already have an answer (a preconceived idea) in mind, we’re not asking, we’re looking for an opportunity to either confirm the beliefs we already have or argue, debate and defend our viewpoint.

The brain is afraid of new ideas and does everything it can to keep the status quo. That’s why spiritual sages advise us to approach the Divine with “empty hands.” After all, you can’t have priceless jewels poured into your hands when they’re already full of rocks.

Jim asked whether we really want to know what God has to tell us or not. The only answer to that question is more questions. Do you want the Divine to confirm the beliefs you already have? Are you talking to Source, but not listening. Are you telling rather than asking? Are you going to second-hand sources or are you willing to get the information first-hand? Are you willing to let go of ALL your preconceived notions, social conditioning, attachments and aversions?  Read more about science and spirituality at http://thebeginningoffearlessness.com/blog