Breakfast, supper and snacks too.  We’ve all been told there is no free lunch and if someone tries to give us one, they’ve probably figured out a way to make us pay for it eventually, in spades.  That’s really no surprise since our world is built on duality. Dualism claims that reality consist of two irreducible modes that oppose one another such as hot/cold, high/low, right/wrong, good/bad. Duality is no more than a mental construct; it’s not the only way to perceive our world. But dualistic thinking is so ingrained; we rarely recognize its existence.

Unfortunately, dualistic thinking is at the foundation of the world’s problems because it polarizes our thinking. Instead of perceiving the world as a continuum, duality picks out opposites and creates preferences between them. We all try to hang on to one extreme and reject the other, but often we find ourselves bouncing back and forth between the two.  Dualism sets us all up to lose on many levels. Since everyone is chasing the positive extreme, a dualistic system allows for only a few winners that get what they want at the expense of many losers. But in duality, not even the “winners” get a free lunch.

Duality demands payment for everything because, like it or not, polar opposites can’t be divided. You might think of duality as a coin with the word “pleasure” stamped on one side and “pain” on the other. We all want the pleasure without the pain, but we can’t cut the coin in half and still be able to spend it.  So we keep spending, convinced that the combination of pleasure and pain is the best we can hope for. We end up “counting our blessings,” thankful if we haven’t experienced as much pain as the next guy. But isn’t it a pretty sad way to live when our happiness is even partially based on how unhappy someone else is? We can keep spending the pleasure pain coin, or we can opt out and get the free lunch. How?

Duality is the foundation of separation and the desire for specialness. Although our world of separate forms gives the appearance that there is no other way to live, our world is an aberration, a virtual reality.  Quantum physicists tell us that we actually live in a universe of indivisible, interconnected oneness.  Spiritual masters have been saying the same thing for centuries. They’ve also been telling us that we don’t have to continue suffering in separation.  We can return to oneness, and we don’t have to give up anything to get there. Oops, that’s not true, we do have to give up something that’s worthless in exchange for something that’s priceless, but that’s a heck of a trade in our opinion!

There is a free lunch; it’s called “grace.” You’ve probably been taught that grace is based on the idea that we are sinners who are graciously being forgiven by God even though we don’t deserve it. But that’s another dualistic thought. In oneness, grace is the all-encompassing love of the Divine that allows us to play the game of separation with absolutely no strings attached. And it’s grace that welcomes our return to oneness with open arms whenever we decide we’ve had enough of the game of duality. If that’s not a free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, we can’t imagine what is.

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