We usually don’t think of discomfort and discontent as being good for us. In fact, the false mind spends a great deal of time encouraging us to pursue their polar opposites. Why? Comfort and contentment are unquantifiable. There is no point at which we can say “this is it.” Something will inevitably change to mar the state we’re currently in, or we’ll begin to imagine and desire an even greater level of comfort and contentment. Either way, the false mind can keep us very busy and focused on the pursuit. This serves a double purpose since it also keeps our thoughts off the feelings of discontent and discomfort that can begin to wake us up spiritually. One of the recent tweets we sent out on this subject read:

The false mind wants to bind us with comfort and contentment, but discomfort and discontent are omens of awakening.

Awakening is often accompanied by feelings that something important is missing, that somehow we’re not whole. This often leads us on exploratory journeys to “find ourselves.” We often look for a more fulfilling career, a fresh relationship, new friends, a stimulating new interest or a move to a different locale. Or, we might have some realization that these feelings are associated with spiritual hunger. When that’s the case, we might begin to question our belief system, read about different spiritual approaches, attend seminars or become involved in a spiritual practice like meditation, yoga or “being in the now.”

We would like to suggest that what we are all searching for, what we all need to possess imperturbable comfort, contentment and deep-seated peace, is wholeness. That doesn’t sound like a very revolutionary idea, in fact it’s one that’s talked about a great deal. However, there is a revolutionary aspect to it. When we’re experiencing feelings of discontent and discomfort, we see our life as a puzzle with a piece that’s missing. The brain always wants to fix problems, so it sends us out to look for that missing piece. But what if we ARE the missing piece?

Quantum research is demonstrating that our universe is an indivisible, interconnected whole. While we pursue our dualistic dreams of separation and specialness in the virtual material world we project, we aren’t fulfilling our role in quantum oneness. We can never literally be separated from oneness, but we’ve chosen to sleep and dream in virtual reality instead of participating in quantum reality. We can’t help but feel that something is missing, because we are that something. The Divine patiently waits for us to let go of the virtual self and reclaim our true identity in oneness. When we do wake up, we’ll understand what wholeness really means. We can continue to search for the missing puzzle pieces in the material world or we can understand that we are the missing pieces.

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