Actually r truly there is nothing called good and bad exists in this world.we all think that we are physical being and we came here to attain spirituality,,,,,,but the fact is that we are already spiritual beings and we came here for physical experiences...y bcoz experience is the real everyone is enjoying are experiencing thier life in different angles and gaining knowledge.everything is an knowledge and nothing is wrong one can say anything which is obsolute right r obsulute wrong,bcoz the thing which is right for you may be wrong for another right and wrong are purely personal things.we frame some rules and regualtions for ourself which depends upon our understanding level,our environment in which we are born and brought up,and some intentionally we are drawing a circle around ourself,and the things which comes under our circle are treating as right things and remaining are bad this the ringht and wrong has been created which really doesnt exists.when our understanding level is increasing this circle we created with limited knowledge will also altered.