In many ways the world hasn’t changed much since Jesus walked the earth.  As he said, “You will always have the poor with you,” and we certainly do. Hunger, disease, exploitation, oppression, wars and natural disasters also continue, although on a larger scale. The universe also continues to operate as it did in Jesus’ day; however, our understanding of it has become much clearer. Quantum physics is radically changing our view of the universe and our place in it. Not only are quantum discoveries supporting new technologies that are altering our lives, quantum concepts have also spawned hundreds of “New Age” theories.

Quantum research has demonstrated that consciousness must interact with energy to manifest material form. Based on that premise, many New Age teachers promote the idea that a perfect life of happiness, success and prosperity can be obtained through focused attention. In fact, it often appears that creating a perfect life has become a new religion. Many Christians also appear to have come to the conclusion that it’s their responsibility to build a utopian kingdom on earth themselves by improving their lives and saving the planet.

On the other hand, many Christians ignore quantum discoveries and continue to expect Jesus to return to earth in a final apocalyptic battle between good and evil.  They feel certain Jesus will establish a literal theocratic kingdom that will forever annihilate God’s enemies (or torture them forever, as the case may be).  These two views are diametrically opposed, but are either one of them compatible with our quantum universe? When we take a fresh look at Jesus’ teachings from the perspective of quantum physics, we get a picture that’s entirely different from either of the other two popular views.

You can find detailed explanations of these teachings and quantum concepts in our books, blogs and several of the articles posted on the articles page of the website, but here are a few highlights:  

  • The Divine created the universe out of Self, therefore, everything in existence is the Divine
  • In quantum reality there is only interconnected, indivisible oneness.
  • Reality exists at the quantum level of the universe where all energy, consciousness and potential exist.
  • The material world appears real but it is a virtual reality projected from consciousness.
  • The world we see is based on the faulty foundation of duality that allows us to experiment with separation and specialness without disrupting oneness.
  • We can experiment with duality because we have been given the gift of free will. This gift can be exercised without fear of punishment.
  • God’s kingdom is not political, it’s a state of being that unites and permeates everything in existence. It has always existed and always will.
  • In oneness, a literal war between good and evil are impossible. We act out these dualities in virtual reality, but the game is an illusion that can’t affect the oneness of quantum reality.
  • In reality, concepts like sin, judgment, hate, evil, heaven and hell can’t exist. They are ideas created within virtual reality that support our dualistic thought system.
  • The Divine actually is love, and we are all safe and secure within that love.
  • The Divine can be known, and wants to be known.
  • In oneness, no one can “save” anyone else. We can choose to wake up from virtual reality, but no one else can wake us up.
  • It is the desire of the Divine that we each wake up from the nightmare of separation and specialness we’re projecting and return to our true identity in oneness.

These teachings can be found within the New Testament gospels, the gnostic gospels and early Christian “sayings gospels” like “Q” that served as the foundation for portions of Matthew and Luke.  They can also be found in the teachings of spiritual sages from all time periods and locals around the world.

As we learn more and more about our amazing quantum universe, we’ll each be faced with several choices. We can cling to teachings that can’t fit within the quantum paradigm, create new religions that keep us locked in duality or take a fresh look at the teachings of spiritual masters like Jesus. As Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas:

Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death. Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds. When one finds, one will be troubled. When one is troubled, one will marvel and will reign over all.

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