As I go through my own evolution, there is something powerful within me that is striving to find expression.  As I evolve, this feeling within is becoming more clear, more defined. 

What I am intensely moving towards is a way of finding expression in sharing my evolution with someone on a similar track and trajectory as I.  It's a force unlike any I've ever encountered before, and it brings with it such hope, passion, inspiration, and light that I can see as a great potential lying in waiting to be fully activated.

It's beyond my personal choice, very nearly, it feels much bigger than "I".  But I must admit that personally I am somewhat afraid, and unsure if I am truly up to the challenge.  In order to fulfill my potential here in this place on earth, it feels, I need to move towards penetrating my personal fears and enter into an expanded fusion with this force that is beyond me.

The more I enter the flow of life and give up my personal attachments and identities, the more I feel the witness to what is happening, the less I feel the need to control anything, and the more I trust in where my intuition is carrying me.

It is all unfolding as it will, I trust, and as I move along the path of change, the more I expand, embrace and open to life.  And in turn, the more clear this is all becoming.

I picture in my mind us each as bundles of energy, coming together, tearing apart, forming bonds of attraction, splitting off into new formations that are needed in the greater view of things.  We each play a part, and we form our personal stories, but when we expand we can also see the bigger map of creation and evolution that form the great dance.  It's beautiful to behold, even as we face our personal difficulties with where the dance is headed.

When we can surrender to the forces that surround us, and flow gently to where we are being carried, this is when the joy of life is allowed it's fullest expression.