Currently many spiritual teachers claim consciousness is evolving. They believe we're entering a new age of understanding when humans will operate at the highest level of consciousness and spiritual understanding ever experienced. While we feel certain these teachers have only the best intentions in mind, they've forgotten what so many spiritual masters have demonstrated: we've always known everything we need to know. Why? Everything in existence shares the One Mind of Ultimate Reality. But we don’t have to accept this on the word of spiritual masters. Quantum physicists are proving that its’ true.

Material realists believe only matter exists; therefore, consciousness had to have evolved from matter. They consider consciousness a brain function that’s just another form of matter. Although material realists have diligently tried to discover how matter produced consciousness, their attempts have failed. But scientists have found consciousness in even the most elemental quantum objects, suggesting it was present at the beginning of the universe. Quantum research demonstrates that everything in the universe is conscious, even subatomic light particles (photons) share consciousness.  Scientists used to believe the universe was filled with “empty space,” but they now know that at least 2/3 of the universe that appears to be empty is actually a vast repository of energy and conscious thought and memory.  

From that perspective, consciousness is like a light switch that's either off or on. Consciousness, like light, is either there or it isn't. But intelligence and awareness are different. They’re more like a dimmer switch that controls the level of light we see. A rock, plant, animal or star each have different levels of intelligence and awareness, but according to quantum research, they are still fully conscious.

Like spiritual sages, some physicists are beginning to realize that the shared consciousness that permeates the universe IS the Mind of God. To say that consciousness is evolving would be the same as saying that infinite Divine intelligence needs to evolve. Since consciousness permeates everything in existence and cannot exist at different levels, we can only conclude that it's our awareness of, and connection with, consciousness that evolves, not consciousness itself. Our ignorance of the One Mind that permeates the universe can't negate its existence.

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