Frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, are all signals from Spirit that you are disconnected from the Truth of your Being, from love.

When these signals come up it is a good time to allow awareness to step in.  A good time to take a few moments to yourself, to breathe, to meditate, to center yourself and connect with Truth again.  As spiritual teacher Adyashanti says, "your body is your truth meter" these emotions, thoughts and feelings are all ways that you body signals you to pay attention to what is really going on.  Once we still ourselves, sit with the current signal that is coming in, recognize that we are caught in a story in our minds about it, and then we can see it for what it really is...a passing event.  If given the room to pass through, if allowed to exist without giving it momentum with more thought about it, we will see that it has no power over us to upset us anymore.  The signal will lose its frequency and intensity and then the Truth can be seen.  The Truth might be an old hurt that is resurfacing, a simple conditioned response to feeling separate and alone. 

Now, with our new calm awareness we can see that without the thought there is no problem, there is peace and well being.  We can give ourselves what we need, what we may be seeking from another, with love, compassion, and acceptance; we can replace the discordant feeling or emotion with the sense that all is well and within our control.  This is meditation, small simple practices that increase our awareness of ourselves, of our conditioning.   

So the next time you are feeling one of these discordant feelings and thoughts, notice how you respond to them, what are your habits?  Be aware of whether or not your actions are helping you integrate and transmute them or are you continuing to feed them?  Then set the intention to meditate more, to be more aware and to make healthier, whole choices, the next time one of these signals trigger you.  It truly only takes a few moments a day, throughout your day, to be still, to breathe, to become aware of yourself and your thoughts.  It does not take effort or control, just awareness and an allowing for everything to be just as it is in that moment.  As your practice grows, your awareness grows and the signals will come less frequently to remind you to slow down and listen to yourself. 

“Don’t think about all those things you fear…and just be glad to be here”

~Lyrics to Hayling by FC Kahuna~

Blessings and Namaste,