In Western society we live with an odd mixture of incongruous ideals. On one hand, we hold a strong capitalistic belief in progress that supports the rapid development of technology. On the other, we cling to a Puritanical moral conservatism that strongly discourages change in our belief systems and value structures. Many of our most strongly held religious beliefs are based on a flawed foundation of antiquated thinking that can’t possibly stand up to the challenge of science, but many are unwilling to see that scientific discoveries might be leading us further along a spiritual path.

When research demonstrates that a new medical treatment or medicine is more effective, we quickly drop the old and move forward. The emerging quantum model presents a compelling picture of the structure and operation of the universe that’s startlingly different and often at odds with the image presented by Western theology. Most of us have been taught that the universe is locked in a cosmic tug of war between good and evil with humans playing the role of the rope. Is this true? What can we learn from quantum discoveries?

If we could stand outside the universe, we would see only one continuous indivisible, interdependent ocean of energy. We would realize that consciousness permeates every bit of that ocean, and matter only comes into existence when consciousness is focused on the energy. Even more surprising would be the fact that matter only appears to exist. We would see that the quantum ocean of energy and consciousness is reality, and the world of form is a virtual reality that’s projected from the quantum sea.

What does that mean? Nothing that’s happening in the material universe is any more real than a dream. The real you resides in the safety of that quantum sea. As long as you think that you are the body you’re projecting, you would have reason to be angry with a God that allowed evil and suffering to exist. But now that quantum discoveries demonstrate that we are projecting this world, we can take responsibility for what we see. From a quantum perspective, it doesn’t make any sense to continue blaming God because we have the free will to project anything we want to see.

When our ancient ancestors tried to make sense of their world, the majority limited their observations to what they could see with their eyes. Those limits have been removed. We can cling to their flawed, outdated ideas and continue to feel victimized. Or, we can be liberated by the fact that we have the power to project something better. 

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