Lately, my thoughts & meditations have been focused on the mantra "One Love". What this means, to me, is that I am a part of you, you are a part of me. The trees, the birds, my cat, my cranky neighbor, we are all inescapably intertwined. Something that came to me recently through meditation is the concept that how we treat other living things is how we are treating ourselves, as we are all One. I have been doing my best to take this mindset into the everyday. This is either harder than it sounds, or harder to hear than do, I'm not sure which. Whatever it is, it is my personal mission to bring a peaceful, loving spirit into every mundane activity I partake in. I have found that once the decision is made to make peace a matter of habit, it is immeasurably rewarding. This isn't to say that my patience has not been tried---it certainly has, daily! However, there are three things that I do that have given me invaluable peace of mind. They are: 1. SMILE & BE NICE! Sounds simplistic, doesn't it? And, IT IS! Keeping a smile on your face & being polite, respectful &, well, NICE, not only makes others feel comfortable & relaxed, but it automatically increases your own sense of happiness. In turn, you will find the general atmosphere of the place will brighten, because the good feeling is contagious. Hence, much positive energy (posi vibes) are released into the universe, and this energy nurtures us. Now, what about when someone really does something just plain nasty? Well, don't deflate your own posi vibes over it! Just... 2. KEEP KARMA IN MIND. Karma, the Law of Threefold, whatever you call it, is a reality. There is no need to get angry or vengeful when someone else acts maliciously. It's not your job to even the score, it's the universe's! Once you let go of that responsibility and let Karma take over, you will feel lighter & have more energy to spread the love. And, when all else fails... 3. MEDITATE. I'm not talking about sitting lotus style on your Yoga mat. While that is a very healthy idea, and great for when you have the time, what I'm talking about is meditating right now, at this moment, wherever you are. Yes, you can. When I feel my stress level beginning to rise at work (or wherever) I simply chant a mantra silently, to myself. At this moment, it is "One Love", but it does change. It just has to be something meaningful & calming for you. You can do this at work, in the car, on the bus or in school! Your mind will begin to focus on the mantra & your spirit will capture whatever meaning the word or words have for you personally. So, these are some of the things I am learning from myself. They have become invaluable to me, and everyday I am feeling my patience, tolerance & posi vibes increase & my love & peace spreading. Peace & Love Gypsy