And On It Goes.....Life That Is

Life has many qualities, segments and layers.
Each of us have the option of what we do with our “Life Time”

God gave us life: In Genesis he placed the man he had created within the Garden of Eden and breathed life into his nostrils. So Adam became a “living” human being. There is also an intrinsic life upholding the mere shell. This “life” stems from our thoughts. In the moments of the day we thing, we choose……

What are the sources of reference you are choosing from?
Be purposeful with allowing your mind to linger or NOT. It is YOUR choice and yours alone.

Think about THAT today =D  And write what you take away from this poem - there are a few more questions following it.

I love you all - Be the beauty in the midst of Chaos ......You ARE beautiful!!


Life in full bloom

Pick each moment like a flower
Selected with intent
Appreciate its fragrance
The design of the elegant stem
Feel the texture of each petal
The essence of the oil within
The life upon its stamens
The beauty the eyes behold

So delicate is this flower
Withstanding all life’s storms
In season it pushes through the darkness
Gently curves as it reaches new heights
Rising up to open in splendor
Embracing the beauty of Gods design
Fragrantly sharing of all its essence
Allowing others the experience of her gifts
The beauty and fragrance encourage the weary
Knowing when picked its one life will soon fade

Although it is alive no more than mere moments
The memories are larger than its own precious life
The people touched by one simple flower
The seeds scattered to bring forth a new life
Though for a time under earth seed are buried
The dirt knows not what it is holding onto
God’s sends nourishment to ensure strength for deliverance
He knows the time, season and need
He plants his seeds to prosper each place
He revels while watching the journey into true beauty
Releasing gentle winds which carry essence when released

God willing her seeds will greatly scatter
In peace her roots grow down deep
With joy she sways, face uplifted
Toward the beams of the bright morning star
In warmth she stands till her time is finished
To return to that, from which she came.

~Candace Huffmaster

Think on this and choosing your moments with intent.
  • One life
  • Seasons and storms