Ever since I was young I have had two reoccurring dreams. One a nightmare and the other all about tornados. The nightmare was bits and pieces... and awlays started off with me hearing a radio playing. I could hear it, it sounded like it was right under my ear, under my pillow. Spiders, hundreds of them climbing out of a hole, in the middle of the mall. A faceless ballerina with white skin and dressed in red, consently spinning, empty combat boots marching along(I could hear them comming.) I would be crying in my sleep trying to get away from all of it. My parents would come into the room I shared with my sister and try to clam me down. My pillow would be wet from crying. Somewhere along the line I got sick of it and in one night I trained myself to banish the nightmare. I brought to "life" my own guardian, a Knight in shining armour with a broad sword. I brought him out of a shining white light and with a couple of strokes, he wiped the nightmare away. I'm not sure how long it took for the nightmare to finally stop haunting me but every I heard that radio playing, the Knight stepped up to guard my dreams. The nightmare has been gone for years but I still remember it. Vividly. The Knight is still with me but we banish any nightmares together now.

   Here's the funny thing...the torando dreams did not scare me. The Knight never showed up to banish them. They are gone too but I never have figured out why I always had them. I thought at one time that they were flash backs to pass lives. But, the dreams were way too modren so I scratched that off my list. I then thought that maybe the dreams were prophetic so I would listen carefully to the news for stories about tornados. Of course there were stories about tornados but none of the pictures from the news matched what I dreamed about. At one point, as the years moved along, I was talking with a psychologist and was telling her about the torando dreams. She theorized that the dreams could mean that no one actually listens to me. I could agree with that in a couple of dreams but not all of them. Each and every one was different but they all had tornados. In one I saw a woman and at least three children huddled in a basement as a massive twister blew the farm house down over them. They were clam and survived. In another, I stood in the street of some town, as myself and watched as a gigantic black tornado wiped out a Ford dealership and came straight for me. I thought that maybe the dreams were trying to tell me that I should be a Storm Chaser. The dreams have stopped and I still don't know why I ever had them in the first place. My life is still chaotic, still twisted...you would think I would still be having them.