Here's what I live by:

In the end what matters most is

How well did you live?

How deeply did you love?

How much did you give?

And how well did you learn to let go?

It's the letting go piece that I'm taken with today.

Each step of progress, a letting go.  Letting go of my images of the good man, the wise man, the strong man.  Letting go of my images of the good marriage: the happy couple, the deep couple, the couple that grows together.  Letting go of my sense of having had perfect parenting, or of being the perfect parent.  Or of having the "above average" children, as Garrison Keelor puts it. 

And in letting go, something shifts.  It takes awhile.  You let go of your image of being a success or being loving or of being great, and nothing seems to happen.  But then some months later–its almost always months–you realize what that letting go accomplished.  And didn't. 

And it's often a greater ability to love.  And to live. And to give. 

So here's my question:  is there something you've let go of?  What was the effect, long term?

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