Is it wrong to want to have someone cheer you on? Is it wrong to need someone to have your back? I've read a lot of books that say you have to be your own Peanut Gallery, that if you want something it is up to you and you alone to get it. I get it. I understand that but what is so wrong about wanting or needing someone to cheer you on? Would Rocky have been able to win his fights without Mickey in his corner cheering him on? I do it with my kids. I cheer my kids on and let them know that they can do anything they set their minds too. If they stumble and second guess themselves, I'm in their corner letting them know it's okay, they can do whatever they want. So why is it that most of the books keep saying that I have to do it on my own? I have several things that need to get done in my life...I need to get my drivers license and I would love for my husband to have my back and help me get some drive time under my belt. He refuses. He is my husband, right? Isn't he suppose to help me with stuff like this? I have taken steps to get my licsense on my own, much to his disapproval. I have asked him to please be my Peanut Gallery, to please have my back. He says he does. So why then do I feel so lost and alone?