Not leaving the body and staying with the painful, uninterpretable sensations, burning and malaise that can arise in this process of embodiment is about the hardest thing we are asked to do. Holding space for the impulses that come to 'do' something to distract from it, anything rather than just keep it company......this is the work of warriors.

Reminding ourselves of what is truly going on here can bring greater acceptance and openness. We are meeting the past in the body. Our own past, our parents' past, the somatic and emotional history of our ancestors. We are clearing out, transmuting the pain of separation.

Take heart in the knowing that there is no work more valuable than this. Nothing could be more important than facing the pain we have spent lifetimes avoiding. Nothing will ultimately bring greater joy.

The marriage of presence and sensation, divinity and humanity, the loving mother with the baby in her arms...the prodigal son returning home...let it all come and finally find rest.

This sacred union that takes us Beyond all notions of union.