I was in a place that was not a place. It was my daughter's room in my former home. I was folding or putting laundry away when I felt that there was something "off." Just in front of me to the my right is a closet door. I opened it and it was just a closet, I went to close the door but something caught my attention and I stepped into the closet and listened. There is soft noises coming from behind the wall to my left, suddenly there is a red curtain in front of me and I am pushing it aside to look into an entirely different room full of bright sunlight. It looks like a summer porch from a Victorian house. There is a woman standing off to my right, holding a towel. She has a startled look on her face and before I can ask who she is, she flies by in front of me and I can feel a cool breeze.

   A short step to my left, through another doorway and she had gone into what looks like a bedroom. Two twin beds against the inside wall, a wardrobe sitting between two windows. The woman is standing in front of the wardrobe and she has two kids with her. Twins. I can't tell if they are twin boys or a boy and a girl. The kids have curly blonde hair and big blue eyes and they can't be any older then three. I am completely surprised and I ask them who they are and how long have they been here, hiding up here like Anne Frank and her family. The woman is trying to put herself between me and the kids but they slip by her and come to me, holding hands. They tell me that they need to go to the Light but their mother is afraid. They kids point to the wall between the beds. There is a shining white light, like a star, waiting for them. I look at the kids, look up to the woman, she is dressed in a long wool skirt with a white blouse, wringing her hands, shaking her head.

   I get down to the kids level and tell them it's okay. They can go into the Light. They look to their mother as I stand to face her. She is afraid. The kids are standing between the beds, holding hands, smiling and excited. They won't go unless their mother says they can, they are waiting for her. I look at the woman and tell her that if the kids aren't afraid, then she should not be afraid. The kids are about bursting with excitement, ready to go. They look back at their mother who takes a step toward them, like she is ready to pull them back. I tell her that she and her kids have spent enough time here hiding, that it was time to move on. She looks at her kids, looks at me and gives a slow nod of her head, her hair is pulled up in a bun. The kids give a shrill of excitment and dart into the Light, still holding hands. The mother looks at me, smiles. I get the feeling that they had been hiding for a long time and for some reason she did not want to leave but I'm not sure why.

   I smiled with her and told her that her kids were waiting for her and that everything was all right. She takes a deep breath, squares her shoulders and walks into the Light, gathering her children near. The Light winks out...the room goes dark and I wake from the dream.